Thursday, October 25, 2012


Here are some experiments I'm working on.  Some seem to be a little more successful than others at the onset.  However, that only means there'll be room for improvement and more testing.  

From left to right is:

Bulgogi Bacon
Piloncillo and Chile Bacon
Dilly Bacon
Hop Tea Bacon
Belgian Candi Sugar / Hop Tea Bacon

I also did a little experiment where I combined some hallertau hops and oak pellets for a test burn to see if the hops would smolder to go up in flames which is the consensus I'd received from other brewers.  Turns out that they smolder pretty nice.  The smell vacillated between cigar / pipe tobacco but in a pleasant way.  I got whiffs of citrus and definitely the oak.  I'm not sure if I'll use the hops to smoke the bacon but might add hops pellets to the mix for a longer and more controlled burn.  

Note the bottom layer of hops. 


Anonymous said...

I'm on tender hooks :-)


Ben Morris said...

When's the taste test for these?

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